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Give your business a boost with Hanbai! Our experienced sales and recruiting team is eager to provide you with the tools you need to increase your conversions and achieve even greater success.
We handle the entire hiring process while identifying the best attributes for each role. We hire: SDR’s, BDR’s, AE’s, KAM’s, Sales Managers, Inside Sales…
Sales Consulting
We help on the entire sales process so you can worry about on what you do best.
Revenue and Sales Operations Optimization
We help you unlock your sales potential by making the most of your CRM and tech stack, in a data-driven, streamelined process optimization, delivering sales performance and productivity gains
SDR Externalization
We hire, train and track the SDR´s so your sales team can focus on converting great leads into clients
Key Advantages
Why Hanbai?
Well, many reasons, but the most important ones:
Before meeting Hanbai...
No Sales Playbook for SDRs nor Account Executives
No Go-To-Market Strategy
The lack of success in hiring SDR’s and AE’s leads to an extremely high opportunity cost
No appropriate compensation model
No proper data approach in Sales Operations
Sales Managers who don't really know how to manage
No clear customer journey for acquiring new customers
After using Hanbai services
Sales Playbook successfully deployed for SDR’s and Account Executives
Go-To-Market Strategy successfully deployed
High probability of successful hires in SDR and AE profiles
Proper Compensation Model Analysis
Proper Sales-Ops Data Approach
Skilled and proficient Sales Managers
Perfect customer journey for acquiring new customers
Our Awesome Client
Customers trust the hanbai process

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How it works
Comprehensive study of your sales process to identify your main problems and propose tailor made solutions for them.
Initial conversation
We focus on understanding the whole sales process and identifying the main problems so we can offer tailor made solutions for you
After the initial call. The team will put together a tailor made plan for you and offer our different solutions so start boosting your sales
Acepting Offer
Once you agree with the solutions proposed, we will set up a start date and a Road to Market Plan
Start Boosting your sales
We start implementing the agreed plan and measure the initial KPI´s to verify our results in the future.
Developing people, Delivering results
Ahorra tiempo y aumenta en la productividad de las ventas. Mejora tus operaciones comerciales mediante la consultoría y maximiza así los beneficios de tu negocio
Selection Processes
Successful candidates
Candidates in our DB
Happy Clients
Interviews conducted
Client Feedback
What Our Clients Saying ?
We pride ourselves in providing exceptional service to our customers
"Hanbai's help has been a before and after. We already consider the Hanbai team as someone on the GrowPro team. They have helped us with onboarding, role games, business processes, hiring and culture.

One thing that I have greatly valued is that they have been clear and direct with what we were not doing well. They have turned the sales department upside down but we are already seeing improvements in efficiencies and conversion ratios. The Sales Consulting + RevOps duo has brought a fresh and new vision to a company that has been operating for ten years. Today we see the forest next to them, before we saw only the tree. I would definitely recommend him and happy to talk to anyone thinking about taking the leap with Hanbai.

Before, we killed flies with cannons, today we are card counters at the black jack table."
Goiko Llobet
CEO GrowPro Experience
"At Transparent Edge we contacted Hanbai for help in Hiring and Sales Consulting, thanks to a very positive reference from one of our partners.

In Hiring, the methodology they use caught our attention. Hanbai are experts in sales, so they start from very well measured skills and well defined metrics to profile the candidate from multiple angles and ensure that they are the ideal candidate for us. For a growing company like Transparent Edge, it makes talent selection much easier and improves ramp-up times for new hires, greatly reducing the risk and the enormous opportunity cost that could be generated by a hiring that doesn't work out.

As for the Sales Consulting service, they have perfectly understood our need to generate business opportunities to accompany our growth. Not only have they done the hiring of the SDR team, but they have designed the methodology, adequate processes and tools necessary to widen our sales funnel with qualified opportunities for our team of Account Executives. It is being a real boost for the entire sales team.

Hanbai is one more part of the Transparent Edge family, because the cultural fit is perfect; close, cordial, they get involved in everything, they get down in the mud and they know a lot, a lot about sales. We count on them for the long term in both products, and therefore I recommend their Hiring and Sales Consulting services to any company that needs to grow and increase its business results. 
FermĂ­n Manzanedo
COO & Founder Transparent Edge
""Recruitment made easy and effective".

It has been a real success to count on Hanbai! A great team at the helm of a disruptive process that combines a scientific basis that objectifies the capabilities and skills of the candidates, and also allows to assess the qualitative and intangible part allowing to evaluate the candidates in a complete way.

In a period of two months we have covered the recruitment process of two top hires, who are plug&play for our needs and momentum as a company, and who are already closing deals!"
CĂ©sar Trigo
CEO Applivery
"Hanbai stood out by quickly presenting a BDR with an exceptional fit to our needs. The agility and perfect fit of the candidate made the difference in our selection process, evidencing Hanbai's efficiency and professionalism in identifying talent."
Sebastián Videla
Head of Sales, at Nora Real Food
"Working with Hanbai is a guarantee of success, from the first moment they put on your shirt and take care to ensure the success of the project. Your success is their success. At PandaGo we have managed to establish an outbound sales process that is scalable, measurable and predictable. In particular, I really appreciate that a Sales Ops consultancy does not stop at the presentation of deliverables with recommendations, but gets right into the execution and construction of the sales funnel, dashboards, workflows, configuration of automations, and endless tasks to build a funnel of constant business acquisition. It really is the way to successfully implement a sales and marketing project."
Juan de la Torre
VP of Marketing & Sales, at PandaGo
"It was a pleasure to work with Hanbai, they have done an excellent job in the selection of candidates for two key positions in our sales team: Business Development Manager (BDM) and Customer Solution Lead. We are very happy with the results obtained and I would especially like to highlight the warmth and speed of the whole team and especially Beatriz, who kept an open and constant communication with our team during the whole recruitment process. She kept us informed at every stage and responded quickly to our questions and requests.

The Hanbai team understood our business needs and objectives and worked closely with us to make sure we found the right candidates for the positions, and in record time!"
Celeste Carballo
Head of People and Culture, at Nextail
"I am very grateful for the great job that Hanbai has done in helping us to find an SDR profile for our company. Every day I spend with this new profile I realize the importance of the work they do to understand your needs and to detect which are the candidates that can really adapt to what you are looking for.

Excellent work on their part and more than justified the investment, now I am not afraid to think about scaling the team knowing that I have Hanbai as support in the talent recruitment part."
Mario Farina
CSO, at Bastida&Farina
"I am delighted to have chosen Hanbai for the selection of a sales representative for YooSell. From the very beginning, it was clear that their expertise in finding sales profiles would be invaluable to our company. Hanbai understood our needs perfectly and found the right profile accurately and efficiently.
At all times, I was informed about every stage of the selection process, which gave me great peace of mind and confidence. Hanbai's communication and professionalism are noteworthy.
I would recommend Hanbai's services without hesitation. Their expertise and dedication have been fundamental in finding the talent we needed, thank you very much for your excellent work!
Sergio Glotzer
Director and CEO at YooSell
"Fundamental in our company, as it allows you to focus on what you can truly offer value, and they take care as experts in something fundamental as is the recruitment of talent. The communication has been outstanding on the part of Sara, always attentive and communicating every change, in addition to providing the best recommendations. Special mention also to Camilo for helping us assess the fit with the Hubspot tool. From the first video call with Zuri and the rest of the team, we knew it would be a sure hit. Thank you!"
Rodrigo M.
Founder & General Director, en MIRCoach
Candidates Feedback
What our candidates say?
We accompany candidates to offer them the best experience during their selection process.
""They are not looking to fill gaps, they are looking to help catalyze business".

As a professional, I can say that my experience with Hanbai has been magnificent and effective. As a person, the experience is simply wonderful, from the first contact I had with them, for a Sales Executive Inside vacancy, I began to enjoy a selection process that went through several phases, which as I told them: "it was a nice dance of two", until I got the position and joined the new company.
Once this project was finished, they followed up on my professional profile until I was able to find a new professional challenge: personalization, analysis and optimization, I think these are qualities that stand out in their work.

Now, thanks to their help, I have a new challenge ahead of me as a BDR, which I take on with great enthusiasm not only because I like to do my job well, but also because I represent the trust and quality of Hanbai's work."
Jean Paul
Sales Development Representative at Nora Foods
"A few months ago I made my selection process with Hanbai.io and the truth is that it was an experience of 10. They have a very close treatment and generate a lot of confidence so that you feel very comfortable and calm during the interview and calls. They were always attentive to the whole process, even after the hiring. I only have words of thanks for their good treatment, I wish all selection processes were like this!"
Alejandra Izquierdo Moreno
Brand Ambassador at Choco
"I experienced an exceptional selection process with Hanbai for my onboarding in Chocó. Their efficiency and meticulous attention stood out, providing a seamless experience. Constant communication and valuable feedback from the team, especially Maria Pilar, demonstrated exceptional commitment. I recommend Hanbai for a transparent and professional recruitment process."
Luisa Valenzuela
Brand Ambassador at Choco
"A couple of months ago I completed the selection process with Hanbai.io and honestly, I couldn't be happier to have gone through each of the stages. They were in constant contact with me giving me feedback and advice, which is greatly appreciated."
Cristina Márquez Bobillo
Business Development Representative at Transparent Edge
"My experience with Hanbai has been amazing! From the first contact you can appreciate the quality that Hanbai brings to the selection process and the whole process was super smooth. They were always in touch, explaining every step and giving me useful feedback. I loved their approachable yet professional approach."
Pablo RodrĂ­guez DĂ­az
Pre-sales Engineer en Applivery
"I recently completed my selection process with Hanbai and the truth is that I was impressed by the treatment and attention received. From the first moment I was given an incredible and efficient attention and it continued until the end of my process. Talking about the interview, I had the pleasure to speak with a great professional who gave me a series of tips and recommendations that helped me a lot for my next interviews. In summary, I am very grateful with the efficiency and the treatment from Hanbai."
José Moreno Silva
Brand Ambassador at Choco
"The selection process I did with Hanbai surprised me very pleasantly. The attention was always very personalized compared to other processes in which I had the opportunity to participate.
As a candidate I always felt very well accompanied and I received very clear information, the experience has been very good."
Manuel Portas Vázquez
Account Executive at Applivery
"Super happy with the originality and agility of the process, everything super tailored to the position I was applying for. Super direct and close contact, clarity at all times. Overall, a 10!!!"
Diego GarcĂ­a GĂłmez
Business Developer at Applivery
"I participated in a selection process with Hanbai and from the start one thing was clear: the process promised to be simple, clear, friendly and professional. And it delivered! They don’t like to waste anyone’s time and they’re amazing professionals. I’ve also continued to work with part of their team after that and they put a lot of effort into training, role playing and getting the most from every tool they can find. If I owned a business, I would definitely work with them!"
Ariana Feld
Channel Manager at Transparent
"I am in my current position thanks to the hiring process I had with Hanbai: it was fast, enjoyable (even fun), organized, I received constant feedback that still serves me today, and I learned from them even before I was finally hired.

Icontacted the team initially for a position that turned out not to fit my profile; others might have moved on, but here they analyzed my experience and capabilities and relocated me to another selection process with which I was more in line. They were very approachable and communicative at all times, and were very concerned about my needs and aspirations.

In addition, I have continued to work with them hand in hand by taking Hanbai.io as the sales consultant for Goventure (a technology company where I am now), which has allowed me to continue training and learning about sales processes that I was previously unaware of."
Ana Fresia Márquez
BDR at Goventure
"Maria Pilar was incredibly attentive and approachable throughout the entire recruitment process. She maintained constant communication and kept me informed at all times. Thanks to her help, I landed an excellent position at Econocom, and I would recommend her service to anyone! I would like to take this opportunity to thank you once again."
David Vicente Pisabarro
Native iOS Dev at Econocom
"The selection process with Hanbai was one of the best I have encountered in my professional career: agility, good structure, constant communication, strategic advice between interview rounds, etc. It has been a very transparent experience and I would definitely repeat."
Borja Ayerdi Vázquez
BDR at Transparent Edge
"From the first moment they were super nice and attentive to anything I needed. Maria Pilar has been a delight, so I can't do anything but recommend them 100%."
Jesus Coronado Escobar
Native iOS Dev at Econocom
"My experience with Hanbai during the interview process to join PandaGo has been exceptional. From the first contact, the Hanbai team demonstrated professionalism and personalized attention. The interview process, with a focus on roleplay, was incredibly dynamic and challenging, which allowed me to showcase my skills effectively. I would definitely recommend Hanbai to anyone looking for a high quality recruitment experience."
André Borges
Business Development Manager at PandaGo
"I was part of a process with Hanbai. From minute one everything was very well structured, the information was shared in a clear way. I also loved the feedback I received after each step of the process."
Adina Manole
Customer Success Leader, at Nextail
"A couple of weeks ago I had the good fortune to have started a successful selection process with Hanbai. Thanks to professionals like them, everything is much easier, as they were always aware of the selection process and accompanied me every step of the way. I really appreciated the communication we had and, above all, the transparency."
Inés Rivera Tello
SDR at Applivery
"I recently completed the selection process with Hanbai and I was very happy and grateful for the attention and professionalism received. The recruiting team was very pleasant and kept me informed at all times about my process and the steps to follow. Thank you very much for everything!"
Susana González
Independent Advisor at Mortgage Direct
"They know the position in depth and your CV by heart. Interviews with them are pleasant conversations between people, not interrogations. The questions I had were always answered on time and with well-developed answers. I have never worked with such a competent recruitment company."
Nasim Moucharrafie
AE, at Payhawk
"I recently completed the selection process with Hanbai.io and the truth is that it has been a very pleasant process, with a lot of communication and Marta has always been available to resolve doubts or queries. I personally appreciate the efforts made, and if you are in a selection process, they will help you to make the process faster and more agile.
A 10 for service!"
Mario Charris
Mortgage Advisor, at Bayteca
"Very complete selection process. I felt very accompanied, I dealt with Sara and Javier and it was spectacular, fast, close and executive treatment. They helped me at all times with any questions and / or problems. The best consultant I have dealt with so far."
Sergio Farago
BDR, at Payhawk
"I have been very happy with the process. Beatriz Lopez has been attentive from start to finish, being transparent throughout the process. It has been a clear and concise process. In 3 steps: HR (with Beatriz), technical test and meeting with the ECONOCOM team. Very happy"
Miguel Mochon
DevBackEnd at Econocom
"Recently I had the good fortune to meet Hanbai and his team, the truth is that I was pleasantly surprised and satisfied with the treatment and attention received. Without any doubt I would trust them for a selection process."
Alberto Repullo
"Recently Hanbai.io has accompanied me during a selection process, and I can not be more grateful, not only because it has ended in a recruitment, but for the security and confidence that they have transmitted to me, in the big stages and in the small details. I want to highlight both the fluid and human communication and the professional feedback, which have made me be able to go with the best attitude to the interviews of my new role."
Alejandro Boullosa Vázquez
BDR, at Payhawk
"I have been in two selection processes in Hanbai. On the one hand I had the pleasure to meet Sara who has been very kind to me and then I have shared a lot with Sabrina whose attention to me. I have felt very accompanied throughout the process and very relaxed in the face of any challenge as this is very important to be able to be yourself and get a job."
Chiara Girosi
"I recently finished my selection process with Hanbai, and the experience was great! The communication was super clear and fluid, every step we took to move forward in the process was very efficient and organized. The timelines were clear and they always kept me updated on the progress with transparent feedback and a great vibe."
Miguel Angel Espinel Mora
BDM, at Webeyez
"I recently completed the Hanbai selection process and was very pleased with the handling of the entire process. Every step was clear and super detailed. The communication was constant and I was always informed of my process."
Cesar Don Juan Flores
BDR, at Indigitall MĂ©xico
"I have had the pleasure, and the luck to get in contact with Hanbai through a person who is one of the founders, with whom I have had the opportunity to work directly in another company. This person, as a great professional, has left me in the hands of Beatriz, the person in charge of the process (I guess also to avoid any issue regarding a possible conflict of interest) and Beatriz has been following me very, very closely.

Each step or advance in the process was accompanied by useful recommendations and advice to move forward in the best possible way, and she was even available to try to solve any doubts that might arise at a later stage. In the first process in which I participated I was a finalist but finally the company chose another candidate. In this case they did everything so that I would not get discouraged, and after about two weeks they contacted me again to see if I was interested in another process, which this time ended with my hiring in the company where I am currently.

Anyway, I would recommend Hanbai thousands of times, they are amazing professionals and have many contacts in different industries but above all (yes, for me it is fundamental) they are human."
Gabriele Talluto
CS Manager, at Indigitall España
"The selection process with Hanbai has been very clear and fast. At all times I have been informed of the status of the application and the steps to follow, it is nice how professional and close they have been at all times!"
Celia Jerez
BDR, at Clasing
"Thanks to Hanbai.io and Sara I managed to get the job I had applied for.
Sara presented me the proposal of this company, which was very well aligned with my knowledge, experience and professional career.

She was with me from start to finish. And I am already working.

Thank you very much Sara for your dedication and support."
Vanina Quiroga MĂłllica
SDR, at Mircoach
"I got a position for a company and they have guided me throughout the process, any questions I had I have been able to solve, speed, transparency. Without a doubt I recommend it 100% facilitators and involved in their work. Very grateful"
Jesus Vargas
SDR, at Remuner
"I recently completed a selection process with Hanbai.io. And I wanted to thank you for the constant communication and constructive feedback after each step taken."
Diego MartĂ­nez GarcĂ­a
SDR, en Lacia
"I recently completed the selection process with Hanbai.io and the truth is that it has been a very pleasant process, with a lot of communication and Marta has always been available to resolve doubts or queries. I personally appreciate the efforts made, and if you are in a selection process, they will help you to make the process faster and more agile.
A 10 for service!"
Maria Angelica Peris Consol
SDR, en Remuner
"I recently completed the selection process with Hanbai and was pleasantly impressed by their efficiency and attentiveness. Each step was clear and well organized, ensuring a smooth and professional experience. Constant communication was a highlight, keeping me informed about my progress and what was expected at each step. I especially appreciated the transparency and constructive feedback provided by the team."
Omar Salinas Sotelo
BDR, en Indigitall
"I appreciated that I was given a role play to demonstrate my real skills. Maybe the process was a bit long but I was well informed at all times and was offered other opportunities that might be more suited to what I needed, and in the end I ended up getting into one of them."
Gonzalo Tourné Mora
SDR, at Mircoach